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Captain Quack: I Pity the Stool is a puzzle/arcade shooter game about revenge.

Play as Cornelius Quack -- a duck who's precious pond has been polluted, killing his loved ones. He's on a quest to bring justice to the world that brought corruption to his, in the form of stool-fueled fury.


  • An exciting blend of Point & Click Adventure and Classic Arcade Shooter gameplay
  • Help Quack on his stool-fueled expedition across five diverse areas of the world: The Parklands, Sun Nova Beach, Bona Fide Countryside, Synchrono City, and Sludge Works Inc.
  • Over 25 unique encounters and bosses. Each encounter acts as its own level (think Punch-Out!!)
  • Pun-filled dialogue! Each encounter has an array of randomly chosen banter between Quack and the enemy
  • Various attacks and abilities to achieve
  • Hidden costumes and hovercrafts for Quack to unlock
  • Perfect your speed and accuracy as you fight for high scores
  • Dumb micro mini-games derived from my favorite NES classics
  • Hand-drawn, vibrant artwork
  • All original music inspired by the wonderful soundtracks of Mario, Kirby, Sonic, Blaster Master, Mega Man, and more

The game is designed for the mouse and keyboard. Touchpads are not recommended, and Gamepads are sadly, not supported.

The gameplay consists of two 'phases', if you will, which the controls are broken down into...

Cloud Mode: this is when Quack hovers out of sight of the enemy and objects of the level. The player must interact with them and the environment in order to weaken and expose the enemy.

  • Movement: A and D keys (left and right, respectively)
  • Ear Horn: E, S, or Right Mouse Button
  • Interact: Left Mouse Button

Attack Mode: once the enemy has been exposed, it's time to unleash the stool. The gameplay quickly shifts into that of an arcade shooter, where you'll have to frantically attack the enemy and avoid their attacks, while utilizing Quack's abilities.

  • Movement: A and D keys (left and right, respectively)
  • Use Ability: E, S, or Right Mouse Button
  • Attack: Space and/or Left Mouse Button

Main Theme - Dreamwallow
Everything Else - Grant Potter

*Note: Game is currently in-development. All things within it are subject to change.

Install instructions

Download the installer, follow the prompts and instructions on there.


Quack Demo v1.14 - Win64 Installer 65 MB
Quack Demo v1.14 - Win32 Installer 56 MB

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